8153 Dispensing Robot

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The QUICK 8153 Series Dispensing Robot features a robust 3-Axis Cartesian Motion Platform.

This system is designed to Automate the controlled dispensing process. Once programmed to a specific application, this robot can quickly and accurately dispense materials to their desired locations.

Various types of Dispensing Needles, Syringes, Dispensing Valves, and Dispensing Controllers are available.

System specifications:

Gantry / Montion Control Platform:   Cartesian

Working Area (X,Y,Z):     200mm x 200mm x 50mm

Program Storage Capacity:   256 Dispensing Programs

Teaching Method:     Point & Teach - Teaching Pendant

Program Storage Method:   Embedded Chip



Robust Cartesian Style Gantry

Wide variety of valves / nozzles available.

Affordable Small Form Dispensing Solution

Additional I/O :  11 Inputs / 11 Outputs

Greatly increases dispensing accuracy and consistency.