ASC and LM-400 Combo.jpg


  • Fiducial Recognition / Dynamic Alignment

  • Internal Flipper – For two sided marking

  • 900 mm pass line +/- 25mm

  • MES network up-grade

  • Custom programming

  • Custom network interface


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PROMATION’s new LM-400 Laser Marking System boasts many of the same features as the original LM-100/200 Series Laser Markers but with differences in 2 key areas: The new design is Faster and more Compact. PROMATION was able to develop a “moving head” type laser marking cell that allows for a reduction in cycle time for high volume manufacturers.

In addition, the entire machine footprint has been reduced to further improve transportation costs and production space requirements. However, there is also one more exciting option: The new LM-400 Series can be mated with a new Bar Code Scanning Conveyor that also has a moveable barcode reader. As a pair, the solution can laser mark pcbs and panels and have an external outbound conveyor automatically adjust scan and send information at different locations on the pcb to send data to and from the network for seamless traceability.