Robust heating capability with stable temperature.

Wide variety of tips / nozzles.

Patented constant wire feed system designed for stable and precise feeding.

Slim profile iron for soldering in hard to reach locations. 

Greatly reduces solder splatter and solder ball defects.


9RA233 SERIES MOLTEN DROP Soldering Robot

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The QUICK 9RA233 series of Molten Drop Soldering Robots feature a robust heating system with a variety of nozzles. The heating system is capable of delivering and maintaining a set temperature with industry leading stability and accuracy. Solder wire is fed and cut based on a variable setting. After being fed and cut, the wire is made molten by the heat source and applied directly to the joint through the nozzle.

All systems come standard with a 300W Power Supply capable of maintaining a temperature of up to 500°C, A variety of nozzles, color CCD "Witness Cameras" and light screen safety enclosures are optional.

System specifications:

 SOLDER WIRE DIAMETER RANGE:                          0.6mm - 1.2mm

WIRE CUTTING LENGTH RANGE:                                            0.4mm - 1.7mm (up to 4 portions per application)

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                             50°C-500°C

HEATING POWER:                                                                      300W

SOLDERING IRON TYPE:                                                            QUICK 9019