9RA233 SERIES MOLTEN DROP Soldering Robot

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The QUICK 9RA233 series of Molten Drop Soldering Robots feature a robust heating system with a variety of nozzles. The heating system is capable of delivering and maintaining a set temperature with industry leading stability and accuracy. Solder wire is fed and cut based on a variable setting. After being fed and cut, the wire is made molten by the heat source and applied directly to the joint through the nozzle.

All systems come standard with a 300W Power Supply capable of maintaining a temperature of up to 500°C, A variety of nozzles, color CCD "Witness Cameras" and light screen safety enclosures are optional.

System specifications:

Accepted Solder Wire Diameter Range: 0.6mm - 1.2mm

Wire Cutting Length Range: 0.4mm - 1.7mm (up to 4 portions per application)

Temperature Range: 50°C-500°C

Heating Power: 300W

Soldering Iron Type: QUICK 9019



Robust heating capability with stable temperature.

Wide variety of tips / nozzles.

Patented constant wire feed system designed for stable and precise feeding.

Slim profile iron for soldering in hard to reach locations. 

Greatly reduces solder splatter and solder ball defects.