Non-Contact Soldering Method (Hot Air)

Highly Stable Air Volume Control

Clean Process, No Need For Worrying About Soldering Debris

Very Low Oxidation Rate, Less Consumable Cost vs Soldering Tip On Hot Iron Soldering Systems.

Ideal For Reflowing Solder Paste


9RB233 SERIES HOT AIR Soldering Robot

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The QUICK 9RB233 series of Hot Air Soldering Robots feature a robust heating system with a variety of heat focusing nozzles. The heating system is capable of delivering and maintaining a set temperature with industry leading stability and accuracy. With solder paste applied to the soldering targets the robot is intended to move to programmed locations and apply a set amount of heat for a set amount of time.

All systems come standard with a 300W Power Supply capable of maintaining a temperature of up to 500°C, A variety of nozzles, color CCD "Witness Cameras" and light screen safety enclosures are optional.

System specifications:

MOVEMENT RANGE:                                                       Variable (ranging 200mm x 200mm - 400mm x

                                                                                             400mm)depending upon robot platform size.

AIR VOLUME CONTROL RANGE:                                  0L/min - 4L/min

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                        50°C-500°C

POWER SUPPLY:                                                             300W