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Standard Features

  • PCB Based operating system (WIN10) Vision path teaching method Entrance levels / password / Team-view Remote.

  • Dual Bay PCB Processing – Single or Sequential operation Start / Pause / Stop each bay.

  • NSK Precision high speed spindle (single) Max speed 60,000 RPM (Torque max 27 Ncm) 500 Watt max output.

  • Servo Driven Axis (X/Y/Z) +/- 0.01 mm repeat-ability Max 1,000 mm/sec X / Programmable Y table speeds.

  • Up to Three Step Z depth of bit –auto changing based upon bit use counter (mm movement).

  • Down Draft dust collection / compact stand-alone collection

    system included / On/Off values for each bay – based upon use / Safety Bellows.

  • Bit detection, bit wear counter / broken bit.

  • Ionized air at drilling point / Keyence.


The Automatic Routing Machine is a batch process type PCB routing machine that incorporates dual jig bays for PCB Arrays to be hand placed and removed with a high speed single spindle for accurate separation of PCB’s from an array.

An operator would be presented panels from a standard conveyor and hand place the Panels into 1 of the 2 jig bays. As jig bay 1 was separating the PCB’s, jig bay 2 would be hand unloaded into trays and reloaded by the operator with another complete panel array. This sequential operation offers a fast cycle rate and would allow the operator to hand populate the tray for the next process, regardless of tray design. It removes complexity and is a fairly easy production method to use and maintain.

  • 60 mm top side clearance / Zero bottom.

  • Powder coated vanity panels EX8816S-SR-WH020KCC Off White.

  • 10 foot power cord (detachable).

  • Straight Line, Arc and Array functions.

  • Leveling Feet / Roller Wheels.

  • Operating Height (950 mm nominal +/- 25 mm).

  • 72 PSI Air (5 Bars) q0.5Mpa.

  • 220V Power Outlet / 15A standard circuit (2).