Robotic Soldering:

Our robotic Soldering Service is piloted by IPC Certified Specialists with factory training on all soldering equipment. Our experts can make process recommendations regarding solder chemistry, flux, temperature, tooling, soldering method and production sequencing.

We will solder you samples to your requirements, capture video, perform magnified inspection, grade the soldering quality, and return all samples to your team along with a Soldering Lab Document for review.




Laser Marking:

Many customers find benefit in testing the capabilities of our Laser Marking equipment. With so many different materials, code requirements, and MES functions, it can be difficult to understand what all is needed to make a product tracking project successful. 

As such, PROMATION application engineers have the ability to specify a laser model, create a serialization recipe, and make high quality laser marks based around your specific needs. Simply send sample products with your known requirements to our ProLab, and let us handle the rest. Customers can expect a return shipment which includes video and photo documentation of the process.

Promation offers you the proof-of-concept services you need to plan your project, justify roi, and THOROUGHly demonstrate machine capabilities