QUICK ECB213A - Available with Torque Monitoring System

Torque Monitoring Solution:
Our Torque Monitoring Solution allows for users to create individual torque specifications/ parameters for each location within the product assembly and date stamps each torque specification for data back-up and retrieval.  

A Variety of Screwdrivers are available and are specific to the screw type being used.  Contact our expert team today to obtain a custom tailored solution that best meets your application requirements.


Quick ECB213A
Automatic Screw Driving Robot

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The QUICK ECB213A Automatic Screw Driving Robot features a robust Cartesian 3-Axis Gantry with industry leading stability and accuracy. Complete with Input / Output Terminals the system is integrated with a high-precision automatic screw driving system - designed to deliver constant torque through-out the assembly process.   

The Small Footprint design of this solution is ideal for smaller applications or heavier products that prohibit easy load and unload from traditional table-top solutions.

Compatible Screw Types: