Real-Time Working Status Indicator; monitors temperature curve and pressure


Extreme Temperature Ramp-Up Rate and Cool-Down Cycles; Efficiency and Quality Guaranteed.

EH213 SERIES Hot Bar Robot

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The QUICK EH213 is a Ultra-High Performance Hot Bar Soldering Robot.  The Solution features a robust Hot Bar Iron that allows for reflow of solder paste - ideal for flex circuit attach applications.

The QUICK EH213 features a proprietary Thermal Feedback loop; far superior to other like equipment as it places the thermal couple directly on the hot bar tip.  The solution offers easy to use controls for setting and reviewing temperature curve charts.  The system also features a cooling cycle that allows for liquidous solder to solidfy prior to the hot bar releasing the product.

System specifications:

 AXIS: 3

X AXIS 200mm Stroke

Y AXIS 200mm Stroke

Z AXIS 50mm Stroke

TEACHING METHOD: "Point and Teach" Teaching Pendant