1. Integrated structure design making for easy installation..

2. Large amounts of air flow is generated by a

brushless DC fan.

3. Noise levels caused by operation are minimal.

4. Three piece filter which effectively removes the hazardous substances
from the fumes. 

5. On / Off switch with adjustable air flow knob attached to wired remote for ease of operation.

Heavy Duty fume extraction system

As indoor environmental regulations continue to grow so does the necessity to keep your facility's air quality at a safe and healthy level. The QUICK 6301 can dramatically improve workplace air quality conditions by absorbing fumes directly from the source. This system is a heavy duty version of the QUICK 6101A1 which can service multiple work stations simultaneously. This machine features an extra large housing and filtration system which produces an airflow draw of 700 cubic meters per hour.  


Static Pressure: 3000Pa

Airflow: 700m3/h

System Flow (including filter mechanism): 480m3/h

Filtering Efficiency: 0.3μm 99.97%

Power Consumption: 300W

Noise: ≤ 65dB

Dimensions: 440(L)×500(W)×750(H)mm

Weight: About 45kg