1. BMT Soldering Iron Features a closed loop sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature.
  2. Integrated Nitrogen Output Kit Includes: Table-Top N2 Generator, BMT Soldering Iron, and Assorted N2 Sleeves.
  3. Nitrogen Use can have multiple effects on Lead-Free Soldering, such as: Improved Solder Wetting Performance, Shinier Solder Joints, Prolonged Solder Tip Life, Less Clean Cycles, and Reduced Cycle Time..
  4. Heated Nitrogen Output Kits are now available for all Table-Top and In-Line Soldering Solutions!


Facilities Requirements:

- Compressed Air Line (N2 Generator Input)


Heated Nitrogen Output Kit

Our Heated Nitrogen Output Kit offers perfect Lead-Free solder joints every time!  The Nitrogen Output Kit includes: QUICK 9039 Table-top Nitrogen Generator, Upgraded BMT Soldering Iron, and Assorted N2 Iron Sleeves.

The system is designed to pump Nitrogen from the Generator towards the solder tip while simultaneously heating the nitrogen using the ambient temperature of the solder tip.

The Table-top N2 Generator creates Nitrogen at a 99.9% Purity out of the ambient air; reducing ongoing consumable costs.  No longer is there a need for large supply orders of Nitrogen - we have created a compact solution that is now available across all of our Robotic Soldering Platforms.