• Multi-Point digital temperature calibration locked by password.

  • 3 memory banks for quick setting and/or recall of soldering parameters.

  • Temperature limit alarm function.

  • °C and °F interchangeable.

  • Twin stage brush-less blower pump for stable airflow.

  • Airflow and working time can be set as parameters in addition to temperature.

  • ESD design.

  • Can be connected with other like units via PC.



The QUICK Tr1300 is an intelligent lead-free rework station. Utilizing a robust 1000 watt power supply,
This system is great for high temperature solder rework applications and consistent quality.

The station features an all new ergonomic design, a brilliant LCD Display, and PC communication capability.

SYSTEM Specifications:

DISPLAY:                                                                            Color TFT LCD

POWER CONSUMPTION:                                               1000W 

VOLTAGE:                                                                          110V/220V AC 

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                 100°C-500°C

TEMPERATURE STABILITY:                                           ±2°C

AIRFLOW:                                                                         1-100 cubic meters/hour

DIMENSIONS:                                                                  215mm x 229mm x 155mm

TR Series Online Monitoring Software Available Upon Request!

TR Series Online Monitoring Software Available Upon Request!