• Preset Process Parameter Controls (3 Modes) for

  • easy process changeover.

  • TemPerature Alarm Function

  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring with rapid thermal recovery technology.

  • Easy Solder Tip Replacement

  • ESD Safe, with ESD Monitoring Functions Available.



The QUICK TS2200 is an intelligent lead-free soldering station. Utilizing a 90 watt power supply. This system is great for meeting the everyday challenges of most soldering applications and offers consistent soldering quality.

The station features all new ergonomic design and brilliant LCD Display.

system Specifications:


MAX POWER CONSUMPTION:                                                              90W

VOLTAGE:                                                                                                   110V/220V

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                                          200℃-480℃

TEMPERATURE STABILITY:                                                                    ±2℃

DISPLAY:                                                                                                    Brilliant Color TFT LCD

TOTAL DIMENSIONS:                                                                               137mm * 165mm *114mm