IS SERIES Soldering Robot

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The IS Series of Soldering Robots is a revolutionary take on traditional table-top soldering robot systems.  The new in-line series (IS) features the same robust Hot Iron system as our standard soldering robots. 

Featuring a superior closed loop temperature sensor, the Hot Iron is capable of delivering and maintaining a tip temperature with industry leading stability and accuracy.  Two fine-toothed gears work to pull Solder from the Solder Spool while also perforating the surface of the Solder Wire to allow for better out gassing of the Flux Core - resulting in less solder ball and flux splatter defects.

The standard platform utilizes two 400mm x 390mm Zones: the First Zone is used for IR Preheating of PCBs and the Second Zone is the working zone where product is soldered.

All systems come standard with a 150W Power Supply capable of temperatures up to 500°C, High Precision Automatic Solder Feeder, Tip cleaning station, HD Process Viewing Camera, Integrated Keyence Light Curtains. Positive Tip location, SMEMA 1.2 Spec, and PROMATION's Signature 06b Steel Roller Chain.

Nitrogen Output Kits, High Output Power Supplies, Multi-head Systems, and Vision Guidance are all available options.


System specifications:

VOLTAGE:                                                                              110-220V

HEATING POWER:                                                               150W

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                     50°C~500°C

AXIS:                                                                                        4

MOVEMENT RANGE:                                                           

X                                                                                              400mm

Y                                                                                               400mm

Z                                                                                               100mm

R                                                                                               300°


X                                                                                               0-600mm/sec

Y                                                                                               0-600mm/sec

Z                                                                                              0-200mm/sec


PROCESS NUMBER FILE:                                                     ≤255

DEMO FILE NUMBER:                                                           ≤99, Max 60000 points

FIXTURE AREA:                                                                      400mm x 400mm

DIMENSIONS:                                                                         1200mm x 1300mm x 2127mm