Options Available

  • Fiducial Recognition / Dynamic Alignment

  • Internal Flipper – For two sided marking

  • 900 mm pass line +/- 25mm

  • MES network up-grade

  • Custom programming

  • Custom network interface

  • Mark Grading

  • Scanner upgrade

  • 3-color LED upgrade

Machine footprint


1080mm L x 1520mm D x 1520mm H

WEIGHT: 750Kg (1653 Lbs.)


Y Version 440mm L x 330mm W

X Version 530mm L x 460mm W

PASS LINE HEIGHTS: 950mm +/- 25mm



Top Side 40mm / Bottom Side 25mm




LM-100 Series

PROMATION's LM-100 Series Laser Marking System deploys the latest technology for high speed marking. The LM-100 utilizes a Panasonic LP-410 CO2 Laser Head mounted to the rear of the work cell allowing for high accuracy marking.. This PC/PLC based system deploys the latest software technologies making program set-up and mark validation easy. The MES up-grade adds network capability with custom programming available.




  • High accuracy servo controlled motion gantry (X~Y Axis). Programmable Z for focal.

  • Maximized Laser/Cable reliability - fixed position Laser Head..

  • High speed conveyor system (variable speed up to 200 mm/sec). Auto Width

  • Marking Data: Text, 1D/ 2D bar codes, Text, Graphics, Numbers, Date/Time, Numeric sequencing, and more.

  • CO2 laser life estimate: 20,000 working hours.

  • Laser compliant work cell with sliding safety doors.and laser compliant glass shroud.

  • Efficient air cooled system – no plumbing required.

  • Internal fume extraction and ionized air knife.

  • Optional internal Flip

SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS                                               

WAVE LENGTH (NM)                                                                                 1060

OUTPUT POWER (W)                                                                                10

MAX MARKING SPEED/LINE                                                                  170mm/min

SCAN SPEED (MAX)                                                                              12000mm/sec

MARKING AREA (mm x mm)                                                                   110mm/110mm