LM-200 Series

PROMATION's LM-200 Series Laser Marking System deploys the latest technology for high speed marking. The LM-200 utilizes a Panasonic LP-V10 FAYb Laser Head mounted to the rear of the work cell allowing for high accuracy marking..

The solid state Fiber Laser is great for fine resolution marking, or marking on raw metals, copper, aluminum and other materials.

This PC/PLC based system deploys the latest software technologies making program set-up and mark validation easy. The MEMS up-grade adds network capability with custom programming available.



  • High accuracy servo controlled motion gantry (X~Y Axis). Programmable Z for focal.
  • Maximized Laser/Cable reliability - fixed position Laser Head..
  • High speed conveyor system (variable speed up to 200 mm/sec). Auto Width
  • Marking Data: Text, 1D/ 2D bar codes, Text, Graphics, Numbers, Date/Time, Numeric sequencing, and more.
  • FAYb laser life estimate: 100,000 working hours.
  • Laser compliant work cell with sliding safety doors.and laser compliant glass.shroud
  • Efficient air cooled system – no plumbing required.
  • Internal fume extraction and ionized air knife.
  • Optional internal Flip


  • Fiducial Recognition / Dynamic Alignment
  • Internal Flipper – For two sided marking
  • 900 mm pass line +/- 25 mm
  • MEMS network up-grade
  • Custom programming
  • Custom network interface


Wave Length (nm)

Output Power (W)

Max. Marking Speed/Line

Scan Speed (max)

Marking Area (mm x mm)





12,000 mm/sec

110 x 110

Machine Footprint

Machine Dimensions (Y Version): 1080 mm L x 1520 mm D x 1520 mm H

Weight: 750 Kg (1653 Lbs.)

PCB Handling Capability: 

Y Version 440 mm L x 330 mm W

X Version 530 mm L x 460 mm W

Pass Line Height(s) 950 mm +/- 25 mm

Conveyor Width Adjustment: Automatic.

Component Clearance: Top Side 40 mm / Bottom Side 25 m