• PLC Controller (Panasonic)
  • Left to Right Process Flow, Front Fixed Rail
  • Adjustable pusher position (manual)
  • Adjustable flow control for pusher / PLC tracking
  • Single Front Load/Unload magazine system
  • E-Stop, On/Off
  • Roller wheels and leveling feet
  • Powder coated panels (PROMATION Off White)
  • 10 foot power cord (detachable)
  • One SMEMA cable
  • Pass Line Height (950 mm nominal +/- 30 mm)
  • Designed for 50 slot magazines (Nikko/Cab)
  • 110V Power Outlet / 15A standard circuit
  • Full safety covers (CE Type)
  • PCB Top / Bottom side clearance 40 mm
  • Touch Panel with Password Protection
  • PW for adjusting pusher timer
  • Select No of PCBs to be run from each magazine
  • Select Pitch (10 ~ 50 mm) in 10 mm increments
  • Full magazine notification
  • Integrated conveyor with hand crank for width adjustment. Fixed belt speed



line loading

The LLD SeriesMagazine handler is a “Line Loading” solution that is used to populate the line with PCBs. This unit typically placed before a Screen Printer or Bare PCB line loading station, and provides an intelligent pathway between machines / processes via SMEMA interface and uses PLC timers to track PCB progress out of the magazine. The unit has automatic magazine change-over and adjustable pitch (10 mm up to 50 mm). Roller wheels and leveling feet allow for quick integration into the line.  Front Load and Side magazine buffer available. 
Configurations: Single, Dual, four and five magazine in-line configurations, dual front load, dual and quad rear load


Available Options:

  • Electric pusher type
  • 900 mm nominal +/- 30 mm
  • Right to Left process flow
  • 220V Power Outlet
  • Magazine sizes S, L and UX are options