• Motor Controller

  • Left to Right Process Flow, Front Fixed Rail

  • Variable belt speed( 50 ~ 200mm/sec) Outside

  • 500mm wide ESD Belt

  • E-Stop, On/Off

  • Small roller minimizes gaps (10mm)

  • Roller wheels and leveling feet

  • Powder coated panels (PROMATION Off White)

  • 10ft power cord (detachable)

  • No SMEMA

  • Pass Line Height (950mm nominal +/- 30mm)

  • 1M, 1.5M & 2M lengths

  • 110V Power Outlet / 15A standard circuit

flat belt

Our FBC flat belt conveyors are used to transport PCBs into or out of a reflow oven or cleaner (wash), or may be used for progressive assembly of sub-components.

The FBC models can be programmed for either progressive indexing or continuous flow, or may have other special functions built in. 

Both look across and look down sensing configurations are available. Full alert may also be programmed to notify operators when the belt is full and requires unloading. A small roller (nose bar) may be used at the entrance or exit side to reduce gaps between process machines.  


  • Right to Left Process Flow

  • 600mm wide belt

  • 900mm nominal +/- 30mm

  • Custom lengths available

  • 220V Power Outlet


system Specifications:

PASS LINE HEIGHT:                                                           950mm nominal +/- 30mm

PAINT COLOR:                                                                     EX8816S-SR-WH020KCC Off White

FLOW DIRECTIONS:                                                           Left to Right or Right to Left

FIXED RAIL:                                                                        Front or Rear

PCB THICKNESS:                                                                0.5 ~ 5mm

PCB CLEARANCE:                                                              0.5 ~ 5mm

BELOW PCB CLEARANCE:                                                1.5” (40mm)

ELECTRICAL OUTLET:                                                        110 VAC / 50-60 Hz1 Phase 15 A

AIR CONNECTION:                                                               5 Bars / 71PSI