1. Imported Infrared Ceramic Heater. Fast Heating, High Efficiency, Long Life.

  2. Built-In Thermometer.

  3. Closed-Loop Sensor. PID Control, Accurate and Stable Temperature.

  4. Suitable for PCB Preheating and other Processes which require whole and even heating.

Infrared Preheat Station 854

Quick and Accurate Heating - Great for HMP, High Melting Point/high heat, Soldering Applications! This Preheat station can be used to apply heat to PCBs and allow for better wetting of solder joints during the soldering process. Small and compact design utilizes less table space and is ideal for applications in which there are large heat sinks in the PCB that make standard soldering difficult.



Power Consumption: 400W

Heating Area: 130 x 130mm

Plate Material: Ceramic

Temperature Sensor: K-type Thermocouple

Temperature Range: 50°C - 350°C

Range of Thermometer: 0 - 600°C

Ambient Conditions: 0 - 40°C

Temperature Stability: +/- 1°C

Dimensions: 255(L) x 200(W) x 63(H)mm

Weight: 3kg