auto label

Our ELC-1100P is used to print and place labels onto PCBs. This station is integrated with a high resolution 600 dpi zebra label printer that is compatible with most common labels.  1d / 2d code verifiers are also available with “re-print” feature and internal flip options.

  • Programmable Logic Controller.

  • 3 color light tower with audible alarm.

  • On-board windows PC.

  • LCD with advanced GUI bar code generator software.

  • Left to right & right to left process flow available; front fixed rail.

  • Multi-stage conveyor - belt speed: 180mm/sec.

  • Processing speed: average. 2 ~ 4.5 sec (depends upon verification feature).

  • Overhead gantry for x-axis, y-axis: x-axis 500mm, y-axis 500mm

  • Servo stroke for Z-axis: Z-axis 100mm programmable.

  • SMEMA spec. 1.2 interface

  • Label size 6mm x 6mm up to 50mm x 50mm

  • Labeling head rotation (o): -90°/+180°

  • Includes 600dpi high resolution zebra label printer.

  • Label carrier has label detection and vacuum hold down.

  • Repeatability: ±0.25mm

  • Operator controls (E-Stop, reset, master touch screen).

Product Handling Capability: YL Version

EDGE CONTACT / CLEARANCE: 3mm (.118”)  (4.5mm overall)     

PCB LENGTH: 3” – 15.7” (75mm - 400mm)

PCB WIDTH: 2” – 12.9” (50mm – 330mm)                                           

PCB THICKNESS: 0.8mm ~ 3.5mm


Product Handling Capability: LLX Version

EDGE CONTACT / CLEARANCE: 3mm (.118”)  (4.5mm overall)     

PCB LENGTH: 3” – 20.0” (75mm - 508mm)

PCB WIDTH: 2” – 18.0” (50mm – 458mm)                                          

PCB THICKNESS: 0.8mm ~ 3.5mm