• Closed loop sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature.

  • Integrated cooling function for prolonged lifetime of internal heating element.

  • Large LCD Display integrated into the unit.

  • Various applications such as: heat skrinkage, paint removal, defrosting, sterizing copper, pre-tinning, preheating, and much more!

Hot Air gun

Great for soldering components that are difficult to reach for most Hot Irons such as small solder preforms in tight quarters. This system is designed to delivery consistent temperature as the unit applies directional hot air current. Idea for: Heat Shrinkage, paint removal, defrosting, preheating, sterilizing copper, soldering, and pre-tinning, this compact and powerful unit is built for end users requiring multi-faceted use; as opposed to the use of a traditional hot air gun station.


DISPLAY:                                                                               Built-in LCD

POWER CONSUMPTION:                                                   1800W (Max)

NOISE:                                                                                    ≤ 70dB

AIR VOLUME (3 STAGES):                                                        

1 step (cold air)                                                                    180L/min (Minimum) 

2 step (hot air)                                                                      200L/min (Medium)

3 step (hot air)                                                                      400L/min (Maximum)

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                    50°C--600°C

WEIGHT:                                                                                3lbs