The QUICK 100-15S Solder Pot is easily portable and great for melting solder, tinning component ends, and tinning the ends of wire leads. This product includes power cord and dross scraper.


 FEATURES Include:   


  • Closed-loop sensor which controls temperature without disturbing the operating voltage.

  • Anti-erosion and heat resistant alloy materials yield a long lifetime suitable for lead or lead free applications.

  • Rapid temperature rise with accurate readings and stable temperature holds.

  • LCD display.

  • Digital temperature calibration, easy and convenient to operation.

system Specifications:


VOLTAGE:                                                                          110V/220V

POWER CONSUMPTION::                                             600W

CONTROL SYSTEM:                                                      Microcomputer Control

MEX TEMPERATURE:                                                     450℃

TEMPERATURE ACCURACY:                                      ±5℃

TEMPERATURE STABILITY:                                          ±2℃

SOLDERING POT:                                                           Titanium Alloy

SOLDER POT DIMENSIONS:                                        98mm (L) * 121mm (W) * 58mm(H) 3.8” L x 4.7” W

MAX SOLDER WEIGHT:                                               About 4.35kg

DIMENSIONS:                                                                200(L)*320(W)*100(H)mm