PRO 4.0  Intelligent Line Control System

Prepare for the 4th industrial revolution with smart conveyor systems offered by promation USA

PROMATION’s  “PRO 4.0” line control platform offers an Easy to Use PC based interface that links all handling systems to a single point for production runs. Designed for low to mid volume production runs with moderate to high daily change-over, the operator can select: All Line Change, Cascading Line Change, or Intelligent Routing which are all standard functions of the PRO 4.0 platform. 

smartline 3.jpg


After the production line sequence is established, each handler’s functions are input into the system Example (Buffer can be set to LIFO, FIFO, PASS , Select pitch, Hold & Cool timer before AOI, etc.) For Intelligent Routing, select the path to properly route production to select areas of the line.

Select the JOB, enter the number of PCBs to be run and the system monitors the flow of production until that production count has been met.  In Cascade mode, handlers look back to the PC for the next JOB and automatically changes to those new parameters and production count. If positioned before a non-linked system (i.e. Screen Printer) the handler asks the operator to validate that the screen has been changed before enabling SMEMA.  XLM & MES file formats are standard protocols, and Bar Code readers are available, with complete networking as an option.

System log files created and stored within the PC may be used for data output to a main network interface for data collection.  Scaled to meet every budget, a PLC based RS485 version and Micom high speed data solution are both offered.


Let us Introduce you to the All New
Intelligent PRO 4.0 SMT Line

Standard Features:

  • Automatic Width Adjustment (simultaneous or cascading)

  • FIFO / LIFO by Recipe Automatic Adjustment

  • Junction Turn for product routing

  • PLC Based or Micom Data Card System

  • Log File Creation

  • Set Access Permissions

  • Product Counting for Job Completion

  • Slot Start/End and Pitch Selection

  • Additional Conveyor Mode Selection (i.e.: pass, inspect, flip, etc.)

  • RS485 linking

  • PC based front end system

  • Real time status review

Optional Features:

  • Bar Code readers

  • Data linking to network

  • Custom communication needs, custom software needs, and custom hardware needs

GUI Examples:

  • Recipe Creation Screen

  • Maintenance Screen

  • Multi-Recipe Storage

  • Product Counting

1) Promation_Main_Screen.png

GUI examples Continued:

  • Settable options for machine types in each recipe

4) Displaying Settable Items According to Model2.png