1. Automatic Solder Drilling and Rolling.
  2. On-board Parameter/Recipe Storage.
  3. Reduces Soldering Defects
  4. Adjustable Solder Wire Feed Speed.
  5. Solder Drilling Gears can be replaced or switched based upon solder wire diameter.

Perforation Gearing.jpg

QUICK 300 Series
Solder Drill and re-spool station

Great for any soldering environment, the Quick 300A Solder Drill and Re-Spool Station is ideal for anyone interested in optimizing their soldering process.  The system is designed to accept a common/standard solder spool and feed the solder wire through a toothed gear set.  The system works to gently perforate the solder wire which allows for better out-gassing of the inner flux-core, while re-spooling the solder wire onto a new spool.

This system is design to eliminate and reduce soldering defects such as:  Solder Ball, Solder Splash, and Flux Splatter defects.


Display: Binary Display

Power Consumption: 50W

Motor: Stepper Motor

Feeding Speed: 1 mm/s ~ 50mm/s

Gear Diameters Available: 0.8mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm

Wire Perforation Example.jpg