1. Automatic Solder Drilling and Rolling.
  2. On-board Parameter/Recipe Storage.
  3. Reduces Soldering Defects
  4. Adjustable Solder Wire Feed Speed.
  5. Solder Drilling Gears can be replaced or switched based upon solder wire diameter.



Solder Drill and re-spool station

Great for any soldering environment, the Quick 300A Solder Drill and Re-Spool Station is ideal for anyone interested in optimizing their soldering process.  The system is designed to accept a common/standard solder spool and feed the solder wire through a toothed gear set.  The system works to gently perforate the solder wire which allows for better out-gassing of the inner flux-core, while re-spooling the solder wire onto a new spool.

This system is design to eliminate and reduce soldering defects such as:  Solder Ball, Solder Splash, and Flux Splatter defects.


Display: Binary Display

Power Consumption: 50W

Motor: Stepper Motor

Feeding Speed: 1 mm/s ~ 50mm/s

Gear Diameters Available: 0.8mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm