Solder Feeder Gear Sets (LI STYLE)


Solder Feeder Gear Sets (LI STYLE)


V-Score Style Solder Feed Station Gear Sets (L&R)
- QUICK “300A” LI Style

Solder Diameter:
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100% Authentic QUICK Soldering Replacement Gear Sets.

The LI Style Gear Sets are designed for QUICK Robotic Soldering Solutions that work with solder wire diameters of 0.8mm (0.032”) or smaller. The gears feature our Signature V-Scoring Perforation Technology to allow for improved out-gassing of the inner flux core during soldering; leading to a decrease in flux splatter and solder ball defects.

These “sets” come in pairs (L&R). The set comes complete so there is no need to order left and right separately.

*If you require a custom gear diameter, please contact us directly via telephone to place your order:
Main: 1.262.764.4832