QUICK 376DI Self Feeding Solder Station


QUICK 376DI Self Feeding Solder Station

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The QUICK 376DI Self Feeding Solder Station features a programmable digital heater and an adjustable, foot pedal operated solder feeder. This unit is suitable for soldering situations where additional process control is needed. The temperature is monitored by a closed loop sensing system which helps to maintain a stable and accurate tip temperature. Multiple temperature profiles can be set and stored. The foot pedal operated solder feeder can be set to feed at a specific speed for a specific amount of time. Solder wire is pulled from the spool by perforating gears which then send the wire into the tube and down to the tip. 

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1. Semi-Automatic Solder Feed Station with Perforation Technology

2. Adjustable Soldering Iron Dock and auxiliary dock station - included.

3. Real-Time Temperature Monitoring with rapid thermal recovery technology.

4. Easy Solder Tip Replacement

5. ESD Safe, with ESD Monitoring Functions Available.

6.Foot Pedal Switch for remote solder feeding - included


Max power consumption: 90W

Voltage: 110V/220V

Temperature range: 50℃-600℃

Temperature stability: ±2℃

Display: Brilliant LCD Display

Solder Wire Diameters (Handling): 0.6mm ~ 1..4mm