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Gary Goldberg

Gary Goldberg is the President and CEO of PROMATION USA.  His experience in the electronics manufacturing industry dates back over 20+ Years.  Gary's expertise primarily lies within:  PCB Handling Solutions, Laser Marking Solutions, Automatic Label Placement Solutions, and Material Handling. 

Gary's "Go-To" Karaoke Song is:
Some Kind of Wonderful - Grand Funk Railroad


Mike Goldberg

Mike Goldberg is the Vice President of PROMATION USA.  As a true soldering guru, Mike spends much of his time diligently engineering robotic soldering solutions within the soldering lab.  Mike has been with PROMATION USA for over 8 years and has quickly become a well known name in the robotic soldering industry.  His passion for his work is demonstrated - not only through the solutions he develops; but also in his knowledge and information sharing with others.  You may recognize him for his long surfer hair or his YouTube videos. In his spare time he enjoys  writing music and working on cars.

Mike's "Go-To" Karaoke Song is:
It's Gonna Be Me - Nysnc


Josh Christofferson

Josh Christofferson is one of our application engineers.  Josh's knowledge and expertise extends across a multitude of different technologies including:  Laser Marking, PCB Handling, and Robotic Soldering Solutions.  On the weekend you may see Josh working out at the local Gym or spending time with his dog and relaxing at home with friends and family.  Something you may not know about Josh is that he volunteered at PROMATION USA for an entire week before being offered a job.  Since that time Josh has excelled exceptionally well at designing and creating Laser Marking Solutions for the electronics industries.

Josh's "Go-To" Karaoke Song is:

Follow Me - Uncle Kracker