Quick 9244CJ Table-Top Soldering Robot

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The QUICK 9244CJ Table-Top Soldering Robot features a robust Hot Iron system with a superior closed loop temperature sensor capable of delivering and maintaining a tip temperature with industry leading stability and accuracy. Complete with Input / Output Terminals and a 4 Axis Motion Gantry, this system is ideal for integrating into an assembly line or batch process.



  • Large power heating controller, ensure the stability of continuous soldering.

  • Slope line function, avoid nonconformity soldering caused by irregular pins.

  • Control signal output and input available.

  • Auto cleaning system, optimized program, achieve high productivity.

  • Vision system optional, identify the position of soldering work piece, precise localization, accurate soldering.

  • Light curtain and safety cover ensure safety operation.

  • Double Y platform.


System Specifications:


VOLTAGE:                                                                               100~240V AC

HEATING POWER:                                                                150W

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                     50°C~500°C (as per working modes)

AXIS:                                                                                       4

MOVING RANGE:                                                                 X 250mm, Y 250mm, Z 100mm, R 300°

MOVING SPEED:                                                                  X 0.1~300, Y 0.1~300, Z 0.1~200, R 0.1~600°/s

REPEAT ACCURACY:                                                                X Y Z ±0.02mm, R ±0.02°

DIMENSONS:                                                                         520x635x655mm

WEIGHT:                                                                                 30 Kg