• PLC controlled

  • Touch Panel User Interface

  • Select No of PCBs and Pitch


  • 10 ~ 50mm pitch selection

  • Front Loading Solution

  • Automatic Magazine Change-over

  • LED Status Light Tower

  • Safety Covers

  • 50 slot magazines @ 10mm pitch



Post AOI sorting solutions
removable magazine sorting system

Our MFMH Series of Magazine Sorting Systems have been specifically designed for post AOI sorting of PCBs in a batch process mode. This in-line solution sorts PCBs according to Pass or Fail status. The system passes good PCBs through the magazine and stores suspect PCBs in a magazine. Slot spacing is selectable in 10mm increments. Once the magazine is full, the station alarms, notifying the operator that the magazine needs to be replaced. With the platform lowered, the magazine/platform shuttles forward making magazine removal effortless.


Available options:

  • Electric type pusher

  • Automatic pusher alignment

  • PCB Exit guide (manual or motorized)

  • RS-485 Communication

  • 900mm nominal pass line