• PLC Controller (Panasonic) Left to Right Process Flow, Front Fixed Rail

  • All belt type buffering solution – Magnetic Drive

  • 3mm edge contact

  • Precision indexing function 1 or 2 pitch select

  • In feed conveyor side

  • Automatic Width Adjustment

  • E-Stop, On/Off, Light Tower

  • Roller wheels and leveling feet

  • Powder coated panels (PROMATION Off White)

  • 10ft power cord (detachable)

  • Pass Line Height (950mm nominal +/- 30mm)

  • 72 PSI Air (5 Bars)

  • 110V Power Outlet / 15A standard circuit

  • Full safety covers

  • PCB Top / Bottom side clearance depends on slot selection *

  • PCB weight limit 1kg per PCB slot



pcb buffering

PROMATION offers a variety of line buffering solutions that are designed to assist with varying process speeds creating continuous line flow.

PCBs can be stored in the vertical buffer and transferred to the next position in line when requested to do so. The VBB-10 Vertical Belt Buffer system has multiple configurations which are specified below.





  • Out feed conveyor side

  • 10 slots @ 33mm spacing (pitch)

  • 15 Slots @ 22mm spacing (pitch)

  • 20 Slots @ 17mm spacing (pitch)

  • Cooling Fans on Conveyor section

  • 900mm nominal +/- 30mm

  • Right to Left process flow

  • 220V Power Outlet