standard features:

  • PLC Controller (Panasonic) / Touch Panel Interface

  • Left to Right Process Flow, Front Fixed Rail

  • Cognex Code Readers (standard)

  • Precision movement of readers based upon programming. Top and Bottom sides.

  • Automatic Width Adjustment

  • E-Stop, On/Off, Status Light Tower

  • Roller wheels and rubber bottom leveling feet

  • Powder coated vanity panels EX8816S-SR-WH020KCC Off White

  • 10 foot power cord (detachable)

  • SMEMA cables / Ethernet Cables

  • Pass Line Height (950 mm nominal +/- 30mm)

  • 72 PSI Air (5 Bars)

  • 110V Power Outlet / 15A standard circuit


The ASC-100TB is a fully programmable Top and Bottom Side Bar Code Scanning conveyor system. Using our standard Micro-scan barcode readers, the top and bottom side gantries can quickly be programmed to move to various locations on the PCB to read and verify bar codes (labels or laser marks). Decrease Cycle Time by up to 20% or more! When combined with or added to a Laser Mark or Label Print and Place process users can expect a dramatic reduction in cycle time. This is due to the fact that the ASC-100TB can scan barcodes while the upstream Labeling machine is processing the next board. Our data indicates the average time to move and mark to be around 1.5 seconds, whereas, average move and scan time is about 1 second. When a single machine handles both, the time per location averages about 2.5 seconds. For far less than the cost of adding another Marking/Labeling system, you can increase front end productivity with ease!

PCB Handling capabilities (x size unit)

  • PCB Width Capability 75 mm x 458 mm

  • PCB Length Capability 75 mm x 508 mm

  • PCB Thickness 0.5 mm ~ 3.5 mm

  • PCB Warpage Allowance +/- 0.05 mm

  • Top Side PCB Clearance / Pass mode 25 mm

  • Bottom Side PCB Clearance / Pass mode 40 mm

  • Width Adjustment Automatic