wave unLOADING

Our WOC-300 is a wave unloading system that accepts PCBs from the wave (on edge rail) at an incline angle and then re-angles the PCB to a decline conveyor to return the PCB back to SMEMA height. The standard version uses 3mm ESD edge belts to transfer PCBs.  Our HD series is for pallet transfer and uses our heavy duty ESD timing belts. Pallets are still transferred on 3mm edge but the belts have a greater durability for heavier weighted pallets.


  • "Left to Right process flow – front fixed rail (standard).
  • "Right to Left" process flow (optional).
  • ESD grounding receptacle & audible alarm.
  • Industrial roller wheels allowing for easy movement.
  • Powder coated vanity panels, “PROMATION White" or "Light Gray”.
  • Conforms to SMEMA spec. 1.2 / NFPA 79
  • Includes standard SMEMA out (if required).
  • Incline / decline conveyor set.


  • Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Dual drive configuration (standard edge or timing belt) (ESD Flat Belt also available).
  • Customer must provide wave exit height and angle details*
  • Variable speed control.
  • Retractable hand crank for width adjustment.
  • Dual E-Stops and master On / Off switch.
  • Top side cooling fan banks optional (over incline section).