spi sorting conveyor

Our NRC Series sorting conveyors are used for inspection of PCBs after SPI inspection. In check mode, the system receives a PASS / NG signals from the SPI machine after each inspection. If a No Good signal (Fail) is received via SMEMA, the PCB stops in front of the operator and the finger set lifts the failed PCB for inspection while allowing good PCBs to continue to pass underneath. When the inspection is complete, the operator may leave the PCB in place or remove it by hand. When the foot pedal is depressed the finger set returns to its home position.  If a PCB is present, SMEMA is enabled to continue transfer; If no PCB is detected the conveyor re-sets. In pass mode, the station acts as a normal conveyor, providing end to end transfer.



  • PLC Controlled

  • Touch Panel User Interface

  • Automatic Width Adjustment

  • Sorting SMEMA

  • Safety Curtain

  • Sort and Pass mode selection


  • Conveyor speed control

  • Monitor / Keyboard mount

  • Front work surface

  • RS-485 Communication

  • 900mm nominal pass line

  • LED Status Light Tower


The PCB in fail mode is lifted over the top of the edge belt.  Actual clearance is dependent upon top side height of components passing underneath the lifted PCB and if there are any bottom side components on the lifted PCB.  Please look at these calculations to determine if this station is proper for the application.*