CC Series conveyors are used to transport PCBs on 3mm ESD edge belts.  This unit provides an intelligent pathway between machine processes via SMEMA interface and uses PLC timers to track PCB progress.  A retractable hand crank is used to adjust rail width which folds neatly back into the panel so it never gets lost.   Roller wheels and leveling feet allow for quick integration into the production line.  


  • Lengths: 500mm up to 3000mm.
  • "Left to Right" process flow – front fixed rail (standard).
  • "Right to Left" process flow – front fixed rail (optional).
  • ESD grounding receptacle (Optional)& audible alarm.
  • Roller wheels allowing for easy movement.
  • Powder coated vanity panels, “PROMATION White" or "Light Gray”.
  • Conforms to SMEMA spec. 1.2 / NFPA 79
  • Custom systems also available to meet any production need.


  • Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Top cover option with see through window.
  • Single and multi-belt drive configurations available.
  • Bar code reader can be attached (optional).
  • Transport speed (180mm/sec Fixed)
  • Variable speed control (optional)
  • Thermal probe option releases PCB when a certain temperature has been met.
  • Dual E-Stops (Optional)and master On / Off switch.
  • Cooling fan options available.
  • Retractable hand crank for width adjustment.
  • Includes two standard SMEMA cables.