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What is an automatic Screw Driving solution?

A Screw Driving Robot is a fully automated system that performs a designated task, set by a custom program, with the utmost precision and repeatability. Each program may have its own screw driving profile. Base robots feature a 3-Axis high precision motion gantry, with accurate, adjustable controls. Various types of Torque Drivers, Power Supplies, and Auto Screw Feeders are available.



What are the advantages?

  1. Return on Investment - PROMATION offers the best value in Robotic Screw Driving Solutions and customers often see a ONE YEAR Return on Investment!

  2. Low Cost of Ownership - These machines are some of the most competitively priced systems on the market. As the base systems are priced competitively, so are the accessory items that may need to be added to the base system to drive performance.

  3. Highly Efficient - Robotic work stations require a minimal amount of operator involvement after they have been installed and programmed. In most production settings, one operator can be responsible for loading, supervising, and unloading two robots. One trained operator can man multiple machines, thus, eliminating the cost of several operators completing the same process by hand, with variances in quality.

  4. Versatility - From our QUICK EC413 with a 400mm x 400mm work area and single screw driving head to the QUICK EC423 Dual-Head system, virtually no job is too large, or too small!


What we offer:

Besides our three base systems, QUICK EC413, EC423, and EC513A, we also offer various Torque Drivers (Air Blow Type / Vacuum Type), and Auto Screw Feeders for both the Air Blow Type and Vacuum Type Torque Drivers.

*We specialize in Custom Solutions! Many different configurations are available so please feel free to contact us with any questions!*


Compatible Screw Types: