lead frame handlers 
EBL-800 (loader)        ebu-800(unloader)

Our EBL and EBU systems have been designed to operate in a Class 100K clean rooms and provide reliable handling to either substrates or ceramic type products. The Line Loader handles products from an aluminum carrier (Auer/ Precision / Others) than transfers the product to the next station. The Line Unloader is designed to accept product (from the line) and return the product to the carrier for safe storage. Optional carrier orientation validation and bar code readers are available.


  • Programmable Logic Controller.

  • High capacity carrier rack.

  • LCD touch panel interface.

  • Capable of handling up to 5 aluminum magazines top / bottom.

  • Operator controls: E-Stop, Reset, Touch Panel.

  • Left to right process flow. Front fixed rail.

  • Audible alarm and 3 color light tower.


  • Angled buffer section minimizes floor space requirements.

  • Automatic magazine change over.

  • Optional bar code readers.

  • Optional carrier orientation verification.

  • Includes standard 14-pin communication cable (4 pin configuration).

  • Powder coated vanity panels, "PROMATION White" or "Light Gray".

  • Conforms to SMEMA Spec. 1.2 / NFPA 79


ELECTRIC OUTLET:  110 VAC / 50-60Hz 1 Phase 15 A

AIR REQUIRMENT:  See Handling Power  & Air Chart.

PASS LINE HEIGHTS:  950mm (37.4") +/- 30mm or 900mm (34.7") +/- 30mm.


EDGE CONTACT / CLEARANCE:  3mm (.118”)  (4.5mm overall)
CARRIER SIZE: 6.25" x 6.55" x 7.95" (or to customer's request)

CARRIER: Per customer drawing/specification provided.