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What is Laser Marking?

Laser Marking offers a permanent mark solution for product trace-ability throughout the production process. The LM series is a fully automated, in-line solution designed for marking PCBs and other materials. Our software is capable of marking 1D & 2D Bar Codes, Text, Numbers, Date, Time and Graphics/Logos. Common functions include: numeric sequencing, time/date stamp and more.

Available laser configurations include CO2, and FAYb.

*Please Note - Different Laser Configurations are used to make marks on different material surfaces. Please contact us directly to inquire which configuration would best suit your purpose.



What are the Advantages?

  1. Marks Directly to the PCB - The data imprinted upon the PCB is permanent and cannot be subject to issues faced by less permanent trace-ability solutions such as Printed Labels.

  2. Highly Repeatable - Given the consistency of the presentation to the machine of a new PCB, and the accuracy of a program controlled micro-stepping robot, accurate repeat-ability is a guarantee. Never worry about print quality or placement of marking again!

  3. High Precision - Laser Marking is a great solution for a PCB with a very small mark or label. Because of these systems' high level of precision they are able to make marks in much tighter spaces than a label placer.



What WE offer:

The LM-100 and LM-200 Laser Markers are in-line solutions that keep the laser head stationary to prevent cable damage while moving the conveyor carriage underneath the marking head. Standard features include: Panasonic Laser Head, Graphic User Interface with enhanced functions for mark location, viewing and more, internal fume extraction, internal ionized air knife (for debris removal), automatic conveyor width and full laser compliant safety guarding. The optional Flip allows for two sided marking in a single pass. Please use the side navigation menu to view photos, features, and specifications for our Laser Marking System.

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