Our CWT Series turn stations may be used to transfer PCBs around a corner for continuous flow in production or the JTS-50 can sort Good and NG PCBs after AOI.  “Good” PCBs pass through and "NG" PCBs are re-routed to the front or rear of the line.  Junction type turns are also available. Each system provides an intelligent pathway between machines / processes via SMEMA interface and uses PLC timers to track PCB progress.  Systems are built for CW, CCW, Junction, and pass/fail sort configurations.  A hand crank is used to adjust rail width.  Roller wheels and leveling feet allow for quick integration into the line.


  • Programmable Logic Controller.

  • "Sorting" SMEMA for Post AOI and Junction configurations available (optional).

  • Single drive configuration (shuttle and turn movement).

  • Transport speed (180mm/sec) fixed.

  • Dual E-Stops (Optional)and master On / Off switch.

  • Retractable hand crank for width adjustment.

  • Clock-wise, counter clock-wise, and sort configurations available.

  • Conforms to SMEMA spec. 1.2 / NFPA 79

  • “Left to right” process flow – front fixed rail (standard).

  • “Right to left” process flow – front fixed rail (optional).

  • ESD grounding receptacle (Optional)& audible alarm.

  • Roller wheels allowing for easy movement and rubber bottom leveling feet.

  • Powder coated vanity panels, “PROMATION White" or "Light Gray” .

  • Includes two standard SMEMA cables.

  • Automatic Width control (optional).