Slide Lines
Hand Assembly work station

PROMATION ‘s slide line work stations are great for hand placing components, mounting odd form components, inspecting solder and/or conducting rework.  Our Signature frictionless steel roller chain allows product to glide effortlessly during the assembly/transfer process.  Available in both power and non-power transfer, these work stations can be used to directly feed a reflow oven or wave.


  • Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Signature 06b frictionless steel roller chain.
  • Bright overhead lighting with master On / Off switch.
  • Adjustable rear parts tray.
  • Retractable hand crank for width adjustment.
  • Improved ergonomic design with low profile front for operator comfort / reach.
  • “Left to right” process flow – front fixed rail (powered version).


  • Bi-directional flow – front fixed rail (non-powered version).
  • Operator ESD grounding ports & operator foot rests.
  • Roller wheels allowing for easy movement.
  • Powder coated vanity panels, “PROMATION White" or "Light gray”
  • Conforms to SMEMA spec. 1.2 / NFPA 79

Product Handling Capability:

Edge contact / clearance:  0.118” (3 mm) 4.5 mm overall              PCB Length: 3” – 20” (75 mm – 508 mm)

PCB Thickness: 0.5 mm ~ 4.4 mm                                                        PCB Width: 2” – 18” (50 mm – 458 mm)

Above board clearance: 1.50” (40 mm)                                              

Below board clearance: 1.50” (40 mm)                                             Available Lengths:  1 operator / 1 meter

Options Include:

  • “Go PRO” LCD Touch Panel Interface with Automatic Width Adjust.
  • LCD Instructional Display Articulating Arm Mounts.
  • Variable Speed (Powered Version).
  • Additional parts storage (Articulating Arm with Bin Panel).
  • Document holders.