Smart Line Control System

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Prepare for the 4th industrial revolution with smart conveyor systems offered by promation USA

This solution takes your SMT line into the future enabling users to further manage and automate their production. Improve output with automatic functions, control many line variables from one location, and monitor production, maintenance and alarming!


What we offer:

A fully flexible solution which can be tailored to the selected protocol and MES (understanding that no official industry standard protocol has been established as of yet). With a fully integrated line users can expect outcomes such as: flexible order processing, efficient resource management, connected, reliable production, 100% traceability and quality assurance, and digital continuity of your products.


Standard Features:

  • Automatic Width Adjustment (simultaneous or cascading)

  • FIFO / LIFO by Recipe Automatic Adjustment

  • PLC Based System

  • Log File Creation

  • Set Access Permissions

  • Product Counting per Machine

  • Slot Start/End and Pitch Selection

  • Additional Conveyor Mode Selection (i.e.: pass, inspect, flip, etc.)

Optional Features:

  • Real Time Status Monitoring *requires product scanning and web server integration

  • Custom communication needs, custom software needs, and custom hardware needs

GUI Examples:

  • Recipe Creation Screen

  • Maintenance Screen

  • Multi-Recipe Storage

  • Product Counting

Whole Screen Updated Verbage and Color.PNG

GUI examples Continued:

  • Settable options for machine types in each recipe

4) Displaying Settable Items According to Model2.png