QUICK 885 Hot Air Gun

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QUICK 885 Hot Air Gun.jpg

QUICK 885 Hot Air Gun


The QUICK 885 Hot Air Gun is an electronics manufacturing utility tool. This tool can be effectively used heat shrinking, paint removal, defrosting, preheating, copper sterilizing, soldering, and tin melting. The temperature range is 50°C - 600°C making this device suitable for many various applications.

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  1. Closed loop sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature.
  2. Integrated cooling function for prolonged lifetime of internal heating element.
  3. Large LCD Display integrated into the unit.
  4. Various applications such as: heat skrinkage, paint removal, defrosting, sterizing copper, pre-tinning, preheating, and much more!.


Display: Built-in LCD

Power Consumption: 1800W (Max)

Noise: <70dB

Air Volume (3 Stages):   

- 180L/min (Minimum) 

- 200L/min (Medium)

- 400L/min (Maximum)

Temperature Range: 50°C--600°C