At a Glance


What is auto label placement?

Our Auto Label Placement systems are capable of placing pre-printed labels or can also print on demand, validate, and then place the label.  This in-line, SMEMA based conveyor system offers single and multi-stage conveyors plus the ability to flip the PCB for two sided placement. Options include: 1D / 2D verifier, MES networking, powerful front-end interface, and custom programming.


What are the advantages?

  1. Traceability - Record important information such as serial numbers, dates, times, and much more in barcode, text, or combination labels.

  2. Highly Repeatable - This automated system is highly repeatable and able to perform a reprint function if a label is not verified by the on board scanner. This prevents duplication of serialized information.

  3. High Precision - Featuring a 600dpi Zebra printer, the ELC-1100P600 is able to print on labels as small as 6mm x 6mm, or labels as large as 50mm x 50mm.

  4. Custom Front-end Interface- This Label Placement System has PROMATION's own front end interface that allows us to customize data sequencing, screen layouts and other features as needed by the customer.

  5. Cost Efficiency - Our pre-printed label dispensing Label Placement System is available in single and dual picking heads.


What we offer:

The ELC-1100 series is PROMATION's line of Automatic Label Placement. This system is an in-line, SMEMA based machine that comes with programmed software on an included PC to automatically print, verify, and place labels. The machine then can send label populated boards down the line to the next work cell. A board invert feature is also available upon request to flip the board 180° for easy label placement on either side. Please use the side navigation on this page to view ELC-1100P photos, features, and specifications.