QUICK 100-15S


QUICK 100-15S

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The QUICK 100-15S is our larger capacity solder pot that is capable of holding up to 3lbs of alloy.  Operation Temperatures range from 100°C~450°C.  The Solder Pot features a titanium plated crucible, upgraded digital temperature display and adjustment, solder dross scraper, and 110V Operation.

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The QUICK 100-15S is our larger 3lb capable solder pot.
Operation Temperature for this solder pot are rated at:  100°C~450°C

The solder pot features a titanium plated solder crucible capable of handling both: Leaded and Lead-Free Solder Alloys.

The system also includes:

- Upgraded Digital LCD Temperature Display

- Digital Temperature Control Adjustment

- Solder Dross Scraper (Included)

- 110V Operation Standard