Standard Features

  • PCB Based operating system (WIN10) Vision path teaching method Entrance levels / password / Team-view Remote.

  • Dual Bay PCB Processing – Single or Sequential operation Start / Pause / Stop each bay.

  • Precision high speed spindles Max speed 60,000 RPM (Torque max 27 Ncm) 500 Watt max output.

  • Servo Driven Axis (X/Y/Z) +/- 0.01 mm repeat-ability Max 1,000 mm/sec X / Programmable Y table speeds.

  • Indexing Bit Z depth - PC established indexing based upon counter (total mm movement).

  • Down Draft dust collection / stand-alone collection included

    system included / On/Off values for each bay – based upon use / Safety Bellows.

  • Bit detection, bit wear counter / broken bit.

  • Ionized air at drilling point / Keyence.

ARC-21 PCB Router

The ARC-21 Automatic Routing Machine is a batch process type solution for PCB routing that incorporates twin bays and a high speed single spindle.

PCB Arrays are loaded and unloaded as the bay switch positions. The high speed single spindle is used to accurately cut mouse bits from an array.

Available is single bay/single spindle/twin bay, single spindle and twin bay/dual spindle configurations.

* 60 mm top side clearance / Zero bottom.

  • Powder coated vanity panels EX8816S-SR-WH020KCC Off White.

  • 10 foot power cord (detachable).

  • Straight Line, Arc and Array functions.

  • Leveling Feet / Roller Wheels.

  • Operating Height (950 mm nominal +/- 25 mm).

  • 72 PSI Air (5 Bars) q0.5Mpa.

  • Two 220V Power Outlet / 15A standard circuit (2). 72 PSI Air (5 Bars)