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What is a pcb routing solution?

An Automatic Routing Conveyor is a fully automated system that can be programmed to rout the cut-away sections of a PCB array with the utmost precision and repeatability. Dual Jig Bays for progressive batch processing, and an integrated dust collection system make this machine an easy choice for any manufacturer. Fiducial alignment, visual path teaching, and array / step-and-repeat functions allow for ease of programming as well as high levels of process stability.




  1. Return on Investment - PROMATION offers the best value in Automatic Routing! Customers often see a ONE YEAR Return on Investment! Or Sooner!

  2. Safety – Remove dangerous fiberglass dust safely and efficiently. An enclosed cell with interlocks and light screen finger detection ensures the safety of operator.

  3. Highly Efficient – Dual-Bay design allows for the unload & load of a a bay while the other bay is processing. This sequence enables progressive assembly which is very important in developing an efficient batch process.

  4. Versatility – Simply changing the drilling bit, fixture, and program is all it takes to change over to a different product for processing. A multitude of drill bits are available, and the PC based system allows for a virtually endless amount of program storage.


▲ What We Offer

Our ARC-300 11, 12, 21, and 22 all come in Y, X, and XL sizes to match our conveyors’ PCB handling capability. An “11” represents single bay, single spindle. “12” represents single bay dual spindle. “21” represents a dual bay, single spindle, and a “22” represents a dual bay, dual spindle. All machines are PC based and require product fixtures. Call today to speak with a member of our sales staff to find out which configuration is best for you!

*We specialize in Custom Solutions! Many different configurations are available so please feel free to contact us with any questions!*

▲ Award Winning Service & Technology

Trust in PROMATION to deliver an excellent customer experience from beginning to end.

With a wide breadth of products and industry leading innovation, you can expect to either find a standard system that best fits your needs, or work with our experts to develop a custom solution. Most importantly, PROMATION will always stand by the customer, the product, and the solution throughout the entire life cycle.