PROMATION USA - New Products for 2019!

As of late 2018, PROMATION USA has launched several new products for the electronics manufacturing sectors that will be debuting at the upcoming 2019 IPC APEX Expo in San Diego, CA. When it comes to keeping up the good fight, PROMATION USA is the corner most trusted by industry professionals; and perhaps for good reason.

Traditionally known for their legacy of high quality PCB Handling equipment, PROMATION USA has yet again raised the bar by bringing new - highly flexible - solutions that are keeping up the pace for the new Industry 4.0 Standard. In addition, PROMATION will be introducing new strategic products targeting High Mix & High Volume Contract Manufacturing sectors to aid in better internal labor allocation.

Below is an outline of PROMATION USA’s new products for 2019:

PRO 4.0 Intelligent Line Control Solution

As of late 2018, PROMATION has completed the re-design of PCB Handling Equipment that offers users an inter-rum solution for networked and non-networked SMT Production Lines. In a nutshell, the new PRO 4.0 Intelligent Line Control Solution offers users a fresh front-end PC interface where users can select jobs, determine run/job counts, and have the entire SMT Line changeover at the touch of a button. This includes: Full Production Line Width Changeover, Cascading Line Changeover, and Real-time data output to a network interface. What is truly unique about this solution is the ability to incorporate existing “non-networked” equipment (such as screen printers or SPI/AOI machines) to remain as is, and still offer a seamless transition for full line automation and production line changeover. The innovative Front-end GUI, verifies the client has selected the proper job and count, then changes all PROMATION brand equipment in the line over and then prompts the user to confirm “non-networked” equipment within the SMT Line has been manually changed. Once confirmed by the user, the production line will continue with the day to day production tasks. Furthermore, PROMATION is rumored to be releasing a new PRO 4.1 Solution that uses a high-speed data communication protocol that does not use SMEMA but rather interfaces with a network connection; further streamlining data communication processes while networking the entire SMT Line. This PRO 4.1 will be the true HERMES Standard.

QUICK 9544CJ PRO Model Soldering Robot
A true Monster of the Midwest! This new system marks the keen effort made by PROMATION’s Team of Robotic Soldering Experts to introduce the largest and most flexible robotic soldering work cell available in the market; and that’s just a scratch on the surface.
This year PROMATION’s PROlab Division has designed a new heavy weight contender for their QUICK Robotic Soldering Line: The QUICK 9544CJ PRO Model.
To start, the system features a newly redesigned machine exterior, heavy duty Cartesian Robot Gantry, and a Massive 500mm x 500mm Working Area - did we mention it’s packed with technology goodies? The new behemoth solution also features a brand new 180-Watt Eddie Current Heating System, New Digital Touchscreen Power Supply Interface, Dual Solder Tip Cleaning Stations, and a Solder Tip Adjustment Device that takes measurements of solder tip wear and automatically offsets soldering programs on-the-fly. While the system uses the traditional teaching method - making it easy for current system users to upgrade with no additional learning curve needed - it features the things most important to Contract Manufacturers: A Premium Temperature Feedback and Rapid Thermal Recovery, Slimmer Soldering Iron design (33% diameter reduction; for difficult to reach soldering areas), Large Working Area, and one heck of an affordable price tag. The system was designed to specifically target Contract Manufacturers who aim for the ultimate in long term flexibility and ROI. Rounding out the solution is a freshly modern paint scheme, Signature HD Process Viewing Witness Camera with HD LCD Display, and Robust Steel welded Frame.
- This new introduction comes just 1 year after PROMATION’s Robotics Division Launched the award winning: 9440 IR-U Preheat Soldering Robot.

PROMATION’s LM-400 High Speed Laser Marking Work Cell:
It has been a busy year for PROMATION, but that didn’t hold the team back for another complete re-design on their Laser Marking Work Cell. The previous design has been one of the best selling / most popular laser marking solutions in the industry, but there is always room for improvement! PROMATION’s new LM-400 Laser Marking System boasts many of the same features as the original LM-100/200 Series Laser Markers but with differences in 2 key areas: The new design is Faster and more Compact. PROMATION was able to develop a “moving head” type laser marking cell that allows for a reduction in cycle time for high volume manufacturers. In addition, the entire machine footprint has been reduced to further improve transportation costs and production space requirements. However, there is also one more exciting option: The new LM 400 Series can be mated with a new Bar Code Scanning Conveyor that also has a moveable barcode reader. As a pair, the solution can laser mark pcbs and panels and have an external outbound conveyor automatically adjust scan and send information at different locations on the pcb to send data to and from the network for seamless traceability. Both: the new LM Series Laser Marker and Adjustable Bar Code Scanning Conveyor will be on display at the 2019 IPC APEX Expo.