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PROMATION USA - New Products for 2019!

PROMATION USA - New Products for 2019!

As of late 2018, PROMATION USA has launched several new products for the electronics manufacturing sectors that will be debuting at the upcoming 2019 IPC APEX Expo in San Diego, CA.

Traditionally known for their legacy of high quality PCB Handling equipment, PROMATION USA has yet again raised the bar by bringing new - highly flexible - solutions that are keeping up the pace for the new Industry 4.0 Standard. In addition, PROMATION will be introducing new strategic products targeting High Mix & High Volume Contract Manufacturing sectors to aid in better internal labor allocation.

PROMATION launches "Soldering Technology" Initiative

PROMATION USA - a world class supplier of capital equipment for micro-electronics manufacturers - has recently launched a "Soldering Technology Initiative" campaign designed to educate industry professionals about the latest technology being introduced into the world of soldering.

PROMATION has taken aim on electronics manufacturers in all industry sectors; to educate individuals and companies on the latest and greatest technologies taking place in the manufacturing industry.

To compliment a few of PROMATION USA's more recent accomplishments such as, the introduction of a new solder tip pressuring monitoring solution available on select robotic soldering systems, heated Nitrogen Kits for Lead-Free Soldering, and much more - PROMATION USA has looked to get companies and individuals (not yet ready to take the plunge into automatic or robotic soldering) to turn their attention towards technologies being used in these automated systems - now becoming available in the manual soldering marketplace.

One of the more recent services available through PROMATION USA, allows customers interested in improving their manual soldering process to take part in a complimentary service that allows companies or individuals to submit solder spools to PROMATION's PROlab for a "perforation service".  

"The complimentary Solder Spool Perforation Service" - Mike Goldberg of PROMATION USA states, "gets people thinking about the applicability of these technologies in their common everyday practices". 

The concept behind solder wire perforation is to perforate or score the flux-cored solder wire to allow for an improved out-gassing of the inner flux core. 

Perforation Gearing.jpg

During the soldering process, the flux that has been extruded into the core of the solder wire, performs a specific task of removing oxidation on solder pads and solder leads to prepare the parental substrates for the formation of an inter-metallic bond.  Flux, however, is flammable and secretes gasses during this process that can lead to a multitude of different results or faults such as: Solder Joint Pin-holes, Solder Ball Defects, Flux Splatter, and non-activated flux being left on the solder joint. 

"The driving theory behind peripheral perforation devices is that they allow the gasses created during the solder process to escape more efficiently reducing defects and allow for an improved bond to take form," continues Mike Goldberg.  "The fact that companies and individuals are turned-off from exploring these technologies due to the perceived notion that they are only available on robotic solutions is a serious mistake.  Many of our current customers and solder wire suppliers have provided incredible data and feedback on the performance of these types of solutions and we are delighted to now have the opportunity to present these technologies at an affordable and easily attainable price."

Complimentary services like these are designed to open the eyes of industry professionals and remind everyone that there are a plethora of emerging technologies that offer solutions to common well-known industry problems.  

"Perforation technology is well on its way to becoming a common technology practice among electronics manufacturers; as its benefits are easily seen and documented during lab testing and real world applications," concludes Mike Goldberg.

PROMATION USA features a full line of perforation technology products - not just on the robotic soldering side - but also on the manual/ hand soldering spectrum. 

Perforation Products Include: The QUICK 300 Series Perforation and Respool Station, the QUICK 376DI Semi-Automatic Soldering Station, QUICK 372B Table-Top Perforation Solder Feed Station, and many more.

For more information on solder wire perforation technologies and application specific inquires, please contact PROMATION USA direct at:  1.262.764.4832

Altus Group (Europe) and Danutek (Hungary) complete Robotic Soldering Training at PROMATION USA

As of late 2017, PROMATION USA is proud to announce the newly forged relationship with European distribution arms: Altus Group (UK) and Danutek (Hungary).  Altus Group and Danutek are the latest additions to PROMATION USA's growing sales force and will be the exclusive distributor for QUICK Robotic Product Lines - covering 9 countries in Europe.

This week has marked a particularly momentous occasion as Joseph Booth (Altus Group) and Edgar Blajec (Danutek) attended Robotic Soldering Training at PROMATION USA's North American Facility.  The new European distribution veins were cross-trained on multiple different soldering platforms and introduced to the latest and greatest soldering technology available within the micro-electronics manufacturing industries.  In addition to Robotic Soldering Platforms, the team was educated on Robotic Dispensing and Robotic Screw Fastening Solutions / Technologies as well.


"This marks a pivotal moment for PROMATION USA" - Says Mike Goldberg, Vice President of PROMATION USA.  "We are delighted to have the opportunity to share and distribute ground-breaking technologies and cost effective automated solutions into European territories.  It marks a significant shift in the cost effective technologies both: available and desired by overseas electronics manufacturers.  We believe European Manufacturers will see a great new wave of cost effective robotic solutions that will offer a lower cost of ownership; when compared to existing models already available within the European marketplace.  We are offering sound solutions that deliver a high rate of repeatability and process control; while lowering the ongoing cost of operation for the manufacturer."

PROMATION USA and QUICK Intelligent Solution's (China) relationship has been off to a fantastic start with new record sales reported in 2016 and 2017.  PROMATION USA expects the pace to continue as more and more manufacturers continue to look for increased process stability and lower operation costs.  

"Robots are here to stay.  Without a doubt 2018 will be the year of soldering automation.  We look forward to assisting many existing and new customers with their automation efforts; while continuing to pursue new technologies at a practical and competitive price." - Mike Goldberg

All this comes as PROMATION USA recently announced the release of QUICK's latest "TS Series" line of Intelligent Hand Soldering Solutions.  These new solutions offer an "Online Monitoring" Option that utilizes innovative data collection features that can offer increased data tracking during manufacturing.

"Don't be surprised when we continue to introduce new soldering technologies to North American and European Countries and the rest of the world alike.  We've still got quite a few tricks up our sleeve and are incredibly excited about the new opportunities and technologies still to debut this year". - Mike Goldberg

PROMATION will be exhibiting at this year's IPC APEX Expo hosted in San Diego, California.  Booth#2946.  - To view more event related information, be sure to check out PROMATION USA's "Events" Tab to stay up-to-date and connected on all upcoming events.