The QUICK 100-15S Solder Pot is easy-to-use, portable, great for melting solder/ tinning component ends, and tinning the ends of wire leads. Ideal for manufacturers seeking a cost-effective solution for pre-tinning components or wires. This product includes power cord and dross scraper.


 FEATURES Include:   


  • Closed-loop sensor which controls temperature without disturbing the operating voltage.

  • Anti-erosion and heat resistant alloy materials yield a long lifetime suitable for lead or lead free applications.

  • Rapid temperature rise with accurate readings and stable temperature holds.

  • LCD display.

  • Digital temperature calibration, easy and convenient to operation.

system Specifications:


VOLTAGE:                                                                          110V/220V

POWER CONSUMPTION::                                             600W

CONTROL SYSTEM:                                                      Microcomputer Control

MEX TEMPERATURE:                                                     450℃

TEMPERATURE ACCURACY:                                      ±5℃

TEMPERATURE STABILITY:                                          ±2℃

SOLDERING POT:                                                           Titanium Alloy

SOLDER POT DIMENSIONS:                                        98mm (L) * 121mm (W) * 58mm(H) 3.8” L x 4.7” W

MAX SOLDER WEIGHT:                                               About 4.35kg

DIMENSIONS:                                                                200(L)*320(W)*100(H)mm