• Compact, light & portable design with adjustable angle.

  • Quickly neutralizes static charges.

  • Adjustable fan speed capable of generating a large-area ion stream.

  • Long lifetime magnetic leakage transformer designed to protect the unit from short circuiting

  • Built-in emitter cleaner, easy cleaning.

  • Safe and low power consumption heater.

FAN for work benches

The QUICK 441B is a desk top anti-static fan that blows ionized air over the surface of electro- sensitive products. This fan features a wide area of air flow great for covering the width of a work cell or desk top. Ionized air neutralizes surface electrical charge to help comply with ESD requirements. Variable speed allows operators to control the volume of ionized air flow across the work area.

system Specifications:

POWER:                                                                               35W              

OUTPUT VOLTAGE:                                                           5.6KV AC        
ION BALANCE:                                                                   ≤10V before delivery (300mm from the panel)   

AIR VOLUME:                                                                    ≤3.3m3/min (Adjustable)                      

OZONE PRODUCTION:                                                    ≤0.03ppm (150mm from centre of air outlet)         

OPERATION CONDITION:                                                0-50℃ 60-70%RH              
EFFECTIVE RANGE:                                                           900~1800mm                           

FILTER:                                                                                  Optional  

DIMENSIONS:                                                                      390(L)*210(W)*190(H)mm                    

WEIGHT:                                                                               174lbs